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The concept of this site is i joao com(unicate)

1. Time is merciless. Consequences tend to be forgotten as only causes have a place in history. In art this means that only 6/7 artists in each generation tend to be remembered.

2. There are 210 000 artists on records, the biggest artistic output ever, yet critics are more ignored than ever. Our generation may be the least discerning so far.

3. Critic is often thought to be politically incorrect. Performance, graffiti and video, once mediums of protest, are now desired commodities.

4. Experts claim art investments return up to 260% per month while evidences show that even 9% per year is hardly achievable.

5. Museums plan their exhibitions to meet audience targets. Career planning among artists and art professionals are as strategic as those in the corporate world. Yet, all hold discourses on the purety of art.

6. Fire the debate about these and other paradoxes in the art market is the objetive of this website.

7. Your contribution is urgent.

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    Passionate about both art and entrepreneurship, the art dealer João Correia founded two companies: Collezionista, an art advisory firm based in São Paulo, and, I Know What I Like, a contemporary art debate society based in London. He also writes regularly to the media and to this personal blog in English and Portuguese languages.
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    We feel Joao Correia is our man in Sao Paulo. His opinions and expertise means a lot for us and beyond his articles we believe he could be the right editor in a future project: Art Democracy Brazil.

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