Teaser of the documentary ‘How an artist is born’ from Joao C on Vimeo.

‘How an artist is born’ is a documentary that lead us to reflect on a art world theme that most people thought about but often did not ask: ‘Why such person is a well-known artist while someone else, who makes very beautiful paintings, is not?’ It seems like a taboo, as if everybody should know the answer. But this is not the case, contemporary art requires an observer with a repertoire that most people don’t have.

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  • Introduction

    Passionate about both art and entrepreneurship, the art dealer João Correia founded two companies: Collezionista, an art advisory firm based in São Paulo, and, I Know What I Like, a contemporary art debate society based in London. He also writes regularly to the media and to this personal blog in English and Portuguese languages.
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    Dear João,

    Your talk was very interesting ! Your work is very professional . Congratulations !


    Patricia Mendes Caldeira
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