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July 1st, 2010 § 0 comments

Art and Investment with a Latin American Colour

Article published by Midas Interiors Magazine

Carlos Cruz-Diez and Jesus Rafael Soto are both Venezuelan born artists renowned for leading the influential Kinetic art movement during the 1960s. Kinetic, from the Greek word Kinesis is a term applied to art that moves or appears to move due to the spatial arrangement and relationship between varying colours. In fascinating works that seem to change colour or follow the spectator’s eyes when one walks around the picture, kinetic art is as much about involvement as it is aesthetics.

Surprisingly, given the importance of these two father figures of Kinetic art, demonstrated by their presence in major international collections including Tate Modern, Guggenheim Museum and Centre Georges Pompidou, they are relatively unknown in London.

João Correia, Director of Tambo Gallery, has cited this lack of recognition as one of the main reasons why he founded London´s only gallery to deal primarily with Latin American Art, and to represent artists such as Cruz-Diez and Soto.  Born into a family of artists and auctioneers, Correia previously represented Brazil’s re-known artist Mário Gruber, and co-directed Rebecca’s Auctions, a leading auction house in São Paulo, before moving to Paris, and then London where the virtual absence of Latin American Art inspired his greatest challenge. ‘…and so I thought if the recognition doesn’t exist, I shall create it.’

Two years later, Tambo Gallery now represents Latin America’s top living artists and newest talents in a niche market that has grown dramatically since Correia first arrived in London.  Asked why he is passionate about Latin American Art, Correia mentions the drama and complexity that embodies the art, citing his assistant curator, Paula Silva- `Latin American art is a chameleon of many guises, a trickster that borrows and carnivalizes aesthetic idioms from all areas of influence.´

To Correia, Soto and Cruz Diez´s work is one such ´guise´ that is now gaining recognition.   `Their striking images have immediate appeal to the London lifestyle. They are modern, sophisticated, suitable to contemporary interior design trends and are now being appreciated increasingly. At Sotheby’s Latin American art sale last November, one of Soto’s pieces fetched almost four times its estimate, alongside a Cruz-Diez which fetched almost three times its estimate.´

Tate Modern´s exhibition of Frida Kahlo, another artist present in Correias’ books, next summer seems to confirm the increasing presence of Latin American Art in the London art scene.

João Correia is Founder and Director of Tambo Gallery, art editor of Brasilink and member of the King’Scola Latin American Art Collection Board. For more information please visit www.tambogallery.com or contact Lynn Goh on 020 7433 1810.

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